Customs clearance contact form for English speaking customers

This contact form is to be used in cases like sending preliminary declarations before item arrival, replying to notifications regarding items waiting to be customs cleared, or for the request of reviewing previously done clearance.

Downloadable declarations

List of mandatory documents to be attached (in addition to the printed and signed declaration)

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Entering a phone number is optional, but it may quicken administration. Telephone contact will be made only if it is necessary for the case.
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The first 2 characters of an international postal tracking number are letters, followed by 9 digits, ending with 2 letters. The initial letter is always one of the letters U, L, R, C, E or V. Please take in consideration that formats differ from the indicated ones, for example order reference numbers, are not compatible with postal informatics systems, therefore are not suitable for item identifications.
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The 6-digit access code indicated in the notification.
Identifier of former decision of NTCA (National Tax and Customs Administration). To be filled in if a new customs clearance for the same item is requested.
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Please briefly let us know the reason for contacting us.


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