Attila Dargay born 85 years ago


The 85th anniversary of Attila Dargays birth marked by two commemorative covers

dargay_attila_1Attila Dargay’s illustrations for the cartoon Vuk can be seen on the commemorative covers which will be a special philatelic edition. The first four denominations (1 Ft,1 Ft, 2 Ft and 2 Ft) of the stamps series titled “Figures from the Hungarian Cartoon Vuk 1982” will appear as stamps on one of the covers and the last three denominations (4 Ft, 6 Ft and 8 Ft) on the other. The stamps are decorated by a commemorative postmark depicting Attila Dargay’s portrait and signature. The commemorative covers are based on a design by stamp designer graphic artist Barnabás Baticz, They will be printed by Con-X Printers and issued on 20 June 2012 with a circulation of 1,000 each.

dargay_attila_2Attila Dargay (Mezőnyék, 20 June 1927 – Budapest, 20 October 2009, cartoon director and graphic artist) played an outstanding role in creating Hungarian cartoons, and became famous for his works imbued with humour that captivated adults and children alike. His highly popular cartoons reached numerous countries all over the world and enjoyed great success. He graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 1949 and from 1951 was closely associated with the Hungarian cartoon industry. In the course of his life he made more than 100 cartoons, among which short features, series and full-length feature films can be found. The main protagonist of the cartoon Vuk, a little fox cub, became a true star of Hun-garian animation. In addition to his illustrations of stories and books for children he also designed comics and placards. He was awarded the Béla Balázs Prize, received the titles Merited and Outstanding Artist, won the Life Achievement Award, and was honorary citizen of Budapest.

Commemorative cover I of Attila Dargay born 85 years ago, item number: 2012151060112 • selling price: 400 Ft
Commemorative cover II of Attila Dargay born 85 years ago, item number: 2012151060212 • selling price: 500 Ft

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