domestic ems express mail

Sending domestic letters and parcels express

  • EMS Express Mail is one of the fastest means of sending mail within Hungary. Under this service Magyar Posta Logistics (MPL) delivers items within a guaranteed time.
  • EMS express mail can be sent conveniently at designated post offices in 577 towns in the country and also from the door in 141 cities.
  • We guarantee “Next day by 9 am” delivery (in certain places on Saturdays as well) in 214 towns in Hungary and “Next day by noon” delivery in other places.
  • With “Long-distance same day” delivery – by agreement – your item will be delivered on the day of acceptance, and with local delivery within 4 hours of posting. If the delivery deadline is not met due to our fault, we will refund twice the basic charge for the service.
  • If security is important, you can insure your mail item up to a value of HUF 50,000 with no charge, and for a charge for a value between HUF 50,000 and 1,000,000. You can also request payment for goods upon delivery for your mail item.
  • We will provide packaging material – cardboard or plastic pouch – for your mail and will even seal it for you. If you indicate on the cover or on the item’s accompanying document that your mail is fragile, we will handle it with due care.
  • You can track your mail on our website and using our mobile application.
  • We will send you an electronic notification about the delivery of the item by text message or e-mail whichever you prefer, plus we will provide you with a delivery confirmation by telephone, fax or letter as you wish.
  • For practical reasons you can use our “addressee pays” service. (In this case, however, if delivery is unsuccessful, the fee for the service and the fee for the return delivery are both borne by the sender.) The addressee may request an agreed time for delivery after two unsuccessful attempts.
  • The fee for the service inclusive of 27% VAT can be paid in cash, or by bank transfer by our contractual partners. For current fees see our website or enquire at post offices.
  • You can ask for a pick-up from premises in Budapest and its surrounding area by phoning the green number +36-80-299-929, or by calling +36-1-333-7777 or +36-1-222-7777. If you’d like to use the service from other towns, enquire at the post office or phone +36-1-333-7777.
  • For information about weight and size limits of items that can be delivered, see our General Terms and Conditions.

Postafiókra lehet-e küldeni pályázatot Belföldi EMS küldeményként?

Yes, Magyar Posta delivers items to the post office box address by the deadline undertaken, leaving a notice of its arrival in the post office box. The time of delivery depends on when the addressee appears to collect the mail. The mail can be picked up during the post office’s opening hours.

If a domestic EMS mail item is accepted for postal handling at an address, can I ask the postal employee to provide me with packaging material (envelope, plastic pouch or box)?

Magyar Posta will provide packaging material for posting (cardboard or plastic pouch) free of charge specifically for this service upon request.