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Fast message for special occasions

  • Your important message is sure to reach its destination even within a few hours.
  • The telegram is the fastest and most appropriate way to send a message for many occasions, such as a wedding, the birth of a child, news of someone passing away, winning an award, getting a new job, success at work, or graduating.
  • The available range of telegrams for special occasions or condolences can be viewed at any post office or on our website.
  • Fast and accurate: The message will reach the addressee within 6 hours, but delivery on a specific day can also be ordered – the telegram is a time-guaranteed service.
  • If you send your telegram marked “Urgent”, your message will be delivered within 4 hours. You may request delivery at a time specified by you within 15 days of the day of dispatch, as well as extraordinary delivery, even on Saturdays in Budapest and major towns.
  • Convenient: You can send a telegram from any post office in Hungary during opening hours. Your telegram may include a picture or diagram.
  • You can choose to have your telegram delivered to the given postal address, or delivered by phone or fax, or even to a post office or Post Office Box specified in the address.
  • If you have a contract with us, you can also send your telegrams using postage on credit.
  • If you want to know for sure that your message reached the addressee, ask for a notification by telegram advising you of the exact time and method of delivering your telegram.
  • The service is only available within Hungary.

Can a telegram for a special occasion be sent abroad?

No, it can’t. The telegram service is only available within Hungary.

Can a telegram be sent by phone using Magyar Posta’s Customer Service telephone number?

You can send a telegram by phone but only by calling Telekom (previously T-Home) 192.

At a post office sending a telegram in person is possible.

Can I buy the telegram cards for special occasions or condolences without actually using the telegram service?

No, the telegram cards themselves cannot be purchased without using the telegram service.