E-értesítés fejléc


We tell you when your mail item gets there!

  • A discreet and fast way to learn by SMS text message or e-mail that the mail item you have sent has been delivered to the addressee.
  • Practical – By completing a form you can request an SMS text message or e-mail to inform you about the delivery of all mail items you send.
  • Easily accessible – The service can be used by regular mailers with a contract or anyone on a particular occasion, even for a single item. We recommend using it with a contract for customers who already have a contract with us for a mail service (such as for postage on credit or a franking machine).
  • If you are a contracted customer, you also have the option of asking for feedback not for each item separately but to receive information about the status of mail items in a combined e-mail once every working day.
  • Informative – When an item is delivered, the notification contains the fact of delivery but, if the item cannot be delivered, the notification advises of its return and the reason why.
  • If an item cannot be delivered to the address, it will be retained at the post office for collection for 5 to 10 working days dependent on type. If no one comes to collect it, a notification about the item’s return marked “not collected by the addressee” will be sent.
  • Fast – Notification is sent for delivered items on the working day after delivery at the latest and for undelivered items on the working day after returning the item at the latest.
  • For information about prices, see our Postal Tariffs page, the e-notification product sheet or ask at a post office.

E-notification is available with the following products in domestic mail: