Reaches the addressee’s hands only

  • If you want to make sure that only the addressee receives your mail item, choose our Delivery to addressee only service.
  • Safe – The mail can only be received by the addressee or his or her authorised representative in person.
  • All-inclusive – With this service, all the advantages of registered and advice of delivery items can be enjoyed at the same time.
  • For information about the price of the service, see the Delivery to addressee only product sheet or ask at a post office.
  • The service can be used with a letter-mail item up to the weight of 500 g.
  • The service is only available within Hungary.
  • To use this service, a receipt for registered mail and an advice of delivery form must be completed. The sender must write “Címzett Kezébe” (Delivery to addressee only) on the item.

What forms do I have to complete to post a delivery to addressee only letter?

Please complete the “ Könyvelt küldemény feladóvevénye” (Receipt for registered mail item) and “Belföldi tértivevény” (Domestic advice of delivery) forms.

What do I have to do if I want e-notification with a delivery to addressee only letter?

In this case please complete our “ Könyvelt küldemények feladóvevénye” (Receipt for registered mail item) form in addition to the “Belföldi tértivevény” (Domestic advice of delivery) form as well as the form called “ Feladási adatlap” (Posting datasheet) in order to use the e-notification service. You will find these forms in the customer area of post offices or ask a clerk at the counter.

I have read in the GTC that the e-advice of delivery service may also be requested for this product. Is this service available at any post office?

The electronic advice of delivery service is only available to contracted partners. Please enquire from our Customer Service or ask your customer manager.