Safe for the seller, convenient for the buyer

  • Delivery-after-payment is a service under which the addressee will only receive the posted product after paying the price for it. This is a convenient and reliable method for both the sender and the addressee.
  • The service can be used with a letter-mail item up to the weight of 500 g.
  • A receipt for registered mail must be completed to use the service.
  • Safe sales – The mail item is only handed over to the addressee if the specified delivery after payment amount is paid in cash.
  • Flexible – This service allows you to make direct sales, providing you with an alternative sales channel.
  • Convenient – The collected amount is delivered to the sender within a short period of time or upon request is transferred to a bank account.
  • The delivery-after-payment form is provided free of charge to our customers, while contractual partners can produce the set of documents including the technical form themselves or have it produced based on the technical specifications made available to them.
  • For information about the price of the service, see the product sheet or ask at a post office.

What happens if the addressee does not accept the mail item?

After the retention time, the mail item is returned to the sender. If the mail item was posted with a pink delivery-after-payment form, a fee for the return delivery is charged but the fee for the unperformed part of the service is reimbursed to the sender upon request.

What can I do if the mail item I want to send with the delivery after payment service weighs more than 500 g?

This service is only available for letter-mail items under 500 g. Over this weight, please use our parcel services.

Can I enclose a shopping voucher worth HUF 120,000 in my letter posted with the delivery after payment service?

The service is priced up to HUF 100,000, so please take note of this value limit.