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You can also subscribe to foreign periodicals in our webshop. The country’s borders are no obstacle – it just takes a few clicks.
Subscribe to regularly receive your favourite foreign newspaper, unusual international magazines or special periodical about your area of interest.

  • Wide selection – Choose from almost 100 press products in varied areas of interest. Our Foreign Periodicals Catalogue contains the names of the most popular periodicals available for subscription, with their frequency of publication, language and the price of the subscription.
  • Convenient – You don’t have to search the town for your favourite foreign paper or worry about missing the last copy: your preferred international daily, weekly or monthly comes straight to your home.

Where can I check how much subscriptions cost?

Check our Foreign Periodicals Catalogue for subscription prices.
If you subscribe online, you will also find the subscription prices for available periodicals in Magyar Posta’s webshop.

How can I notify a change of address or ask for redirection to another address?

By post to Magyar Posta Zrt. Hírlap Igazgatóság, 1900 Budapest; by faxing +36-1-303-3440; by e-mail to hirlapelofizetes@posta.hu, hirlap@posta.hu.
By phoning +36-1-767-8262 giving your subscriber ID number.
In person at any post office or through the newspaper deliverer.

If I wish to subscribe as a gift for someone else, can I and not the person receiving the gift get the bill?

Yes, you as the person gifting will get the bill and the person you chose will receive the periodical.