Advice of delivery

We tell you when the addressee has received it!

  • If you wish to know that your mail item has certainly been received by the addressee, send it with advice of delivery!
  • The addressee or an authorised recipient will receive a document which is accepted as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • This service is available for both domestic and international mail, but not all foreign postal operators undertake to obtain the signature of the addressee for the advice of delivery slip. In such cases the postal operator certifies delivery on the advice of delivery slip through a postal signature and date stamp.
  • You can check on our Country Guide page whether the postal operator in a given destination country undertakes to obtain the signature of the addressee on the advice of delivery slip.
  • Senders with a contract with Magyar Posta may also produce the advice of delivery form by themselves or have it produced based on technical specifications provided by Magyar Posta. Ask your customer manager. If you do not have a contract for production yet, please contact Customer Service.
  • The return address on the advice of delivery form may be different from the address of the sender marked on the cover of the mail item.
  • Only registered items can be sent using this service.
  • For information about the price of the service, see our Tariffs page, the product sheet or ask at a post office.
  • For a parcel, use our tracking service.

If I send a letter with advice of delivery, why do I have to pay the fee for the registered additional service as well?

According to the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services, advice of delivery is a postal additional service available with registered mail items, which the delivery details of the item to the addressee (or an authorised recipient) are returned to the sender.

A letter is registered if it is posted using the Registered additional service.

Thus the following fees must be paid: fee charged based on the weight, basic fee for a registered mail item and the fee for the advice of delivery additional service.

When completing a domestic advice of delivery form, can the return address be a foreign address?

No, when using the domestic advice of delivery service, only a domestic address may be given on the form.

Do I have to write a phone number as part of the return address on an advice of delivery form?

The sender must not give inappropriate data in the return address (such as a tax number, phone number, two addresses etc.)