insured items

You know your valuable parcel item is safe

  • If you post a valuable parcel item, send it insured!
  • Comprehensive insurance – An insured item means full insurance cover for your parcel. Provided the (true) monetary value of the item’s content is marked on the outside of the parcel item, in the event of its loss, destruction, damage or missing content, we will compensate you based on the amount of the stated value.
  • Safe – Your insured item is handled with extra care in all stages of the postal process.
  • For information about the price of the service, see our Tariffs page, the product sheet or ask at a post office.
  • Insurance is available with specially sealed items.The value of the item must be given on the mail item’s cover or accompanying document. In international parcel the amount of insurance is different for each country. For information see our Country Guide page.
  • For more information on the special rules of sealing insured letters and parcels, see the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services page.