Prepaid postal product family

The most convenient way to send a letter

  • If you regularly send letters and want to do this in the most convenient way while also avoiding price increases, the Prepaid envelope and postcard product family is for you.
  • Prepaid envelopes of different types and sizes with no value indication can also be ordered from Magyar Posta’s webshop.
  • Stable value – no additional stamp is needed for already bought envelopes when prices go up.
  • No time limit – can be used whenever you like.
  • Cost efficient – can be posted without restriction within the weight limit applicable for letters.
  • Convenient – practical and easy to use.
  • You can pop an addressed, prepaid envelope into any postbox, except if you wish to send it registered.
  • Prepaid envelopes can only be used for the service (domestic or international) indicated on the envelope itself or in the Postage Paid Indicia document.
  • Safe – the envelopes and postcards have special security elements incorporated into them in order to avoid abuse.
  • For information on the current fees, see “Other fees related to postal services”.
  • If the size of the item that you wish to send in a Prepaid envelope exceeds the maximum size for delivery to a letter box (324 x 229 x 24 mm), the fee for the registered additional service is payable.

Are non-window standard-size domestic prepaid envelopes sold by the piece or in a pack?

They are sold by the piece as well as in packs of 10 envelopes in the following types: registered, priority and non-priority.

How many envelopes are there in packs of Prepaid window envelopes?

Packs of Prepaid window envelopes are available in packs of 10, 20 and 50 envelopes in the following types: registered, priority and non-priority.

Can the bubble prepaid envelope be used for both international and domestic mail?

No, it can only be used for domestic mail.