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  • Better price – Some publications are cheaper when bought by subscription than at the newsstand and we also have continuous special offers for you.
  • Convenient – We deliver dailies and weeklies on the day they are published, getting some publications to you even before they reach the newsstands, so there’s no worry that the latest issue will be sold out.
  • Wide selection – You can choose from almost 700 periodicals published by over 400 domestic publishers in varied areas of interest.
  • Flexible – Subscribe for yourself or for others. You can order domestic periodicals both to be delivered at home and abroad but you can also subscribe to foreign periodicals to be delivered in Hungary.

Where can I check how much subscriptions cost?

Check our Periodicals Catalogue for subscription prices.
If you subscribe online, you will also find the subscription prices for available periodicals in our webshop.

How can I notify a change of address or ask for redirection to another address?

By post to Magyar Posta Zrt. Hírlap Igazgatóság, 1900 Budapest; by faxing +36-1-303-3440; by e-mail to,
By phoning +36-1-767-8262 giving your subscriber ID number.
In person at any post office or through the newspaper deliverer.

When will subscribed periodicals be delivered?

National dailies are delivered from Monday to Saturday:

A) In Budapest by 7 am

B) In places featured in the List of Towns

  • in urban areas in the early morning hours (by the time stated in the list) and
  • in adjoining areas or outlying areas on the day in question.

C) In other places on the day in question.

Weeklies and monthlies are delivered on the day they are received by post offices/distribution points, while the delivery of magazines that appear more rarely (wrapped, addressed periodicals) begins on the day of receipt at post offices/distribution points and is completed within 2 working days.