Postai lezárás fejléc

Postal sealing

Make sure your parcel is safe

  • Don’t bother about sealing your parcel – we’ll do it for you!
  • The service is available at any post office.
  • For detailed information about sealing parcel items properly, see the GTC. If your parcel is not sealed properly, we can do it for you using the Postal sealing service.
  • Parcel items that cannot be tied with string (e.g. thin envelopes) are sealed with a postal sealing label which is signed by the sender and is then date-stamped.
  • To seal box-shaped insured parcel items, in addition to the closure made by the sender, they are tied and the ends of the string are fixed under a postal sealing label which is signed by the sender and is then date-stamped.
  • The fixed fee payable for occasional use is given in the product sheets and the current Tariffs.
  • Magyar Posta bears the same liability for items sealed at a post office in the presence of the sender as if the item was sealed by the sender. Postal sealing does not increase or change the limits and extent of Magyar Posta’s liability.

Do I have to wrap a parcel worth HUF 52,000?

Postal parcels may only be posted wrapped when using the insured items service (except for goods which are not usually wrapped in commercial practice). A cardboard, wooden, plastic or metal box, or canvas sack of appropriate strength for the contents and weight of the postal parcel must be used for wrapping.

For postal parcels with a value between HUF 50,000 and 100,000 sent with insurance, the touching edges of the wrapping material or the ends of the string must be sealed with a postal sealing label so that the contents cannot be accessed without obvious damage to the seal. The fully adhered postal sealing label must be signed or an individual stamp impressed in part on the sealing label and in part on the cover. Postal sealing labels may not cover or touch each other.