International letter and postcard

Send your letter abroad for a favourable price

  • You can post your appropriately postage paid and addressed international letters of up to 2 kgs at our post offices in a simple way, or you can just put them in our letter boxes all over the country.
  • Practical – You can use related services to adjust your demands to your letter:

      • Priority – if fast delivery is important
      • Registered – if you need certification of posting or the recipient's signature upon delivery
       • Advice of delivery – if you need confirmation of the delivery of your item

The availability of the additional services may be different concerning different countries. For information please contact our post offices!

  • Use our price calculator to calculate the postage fee of your item in a quick and simple way!
  • Items posted to international destinations are delivered in accordance with the rules of delivery undertaken by the foreign postal administration - cooperating with Magyar Posta - of the place of destination of the items. For further information see the foreign postal administration's General Terms and Conditions.

I want to post a letter to Germany. Where and how shall I write the country name?

The name of the country of destination must be written in Hungarian, and practically also in English, at the end of the address, as the last line. You can find our detailed guide on correct addressing here.

I have been told that I can send a letter to London without paying for postage, which will be paid upon arrival. Is that right?

Under international agreements, it is not possible to send items with unpaid postage (postage due) by international mail.

You could only send a letter without having to pay the postage if, for example, your correspondent in London sent you an international reply coupon previously.

A reply coupon represents the value of a non-standard, 20 g ordinary priority letter to “other countries”, which is included in the postage of an item to be sent, or may be exchanged for a postage stamp of the same value if requested. The item may be sent to a destination either in Hungary or abroad.