International prepaid envelope

The most convenient way to send a letter abroad

  • If you regularly send letters abroad and want to do this in the most convenient way while also avoiding price increases, the international prepaid postal product family is for you.
  • A range of different types and sizes allows you to send your priority mail to countries in and outside Europe in standard- and medium-sized prepaid envelopes. These can be ordered in Magyar Posta’s webshop as well.
  • Stable value and flexible – the product family has a stamp showing no value expressed in HUF. This means that you can send your letter flexibly irrespective of price changes and with no weight restriction.
  • For the weight and size limits of letter-mail items for each country as well as a list of available additional services, contact our customer service.
  • A CN 22 and/or CN 23 customs declaration form completed by the sender must accompany international letter-mail items subject to customs clearance (sent to countries outside the European Union). An Export Accompanying Document (KKO form) must also be attached to the mail item if the value of the contents declared by the sender exceeds EUR 1,000. For forms related to customs clearance.

To which countries can international prepaid envelopes be sent?

To countries both in and outside Europe.

Which service is included in an international prepaid envelope?

Priority service.

Can international prepaid envelopes be posted in a postbox?

Yes, international prepaid envelopes can be posted in a postbox.