Your mail will follow you

  • If your address has changed or you are travelling abroad for an extended period of time, choose the Redirecting service to make sure you get your letters, parcels, money orders and subscribed periodicals.
  • A practical solution if you’re going to reside at a different address for a longer period. Redirecting mail is possible both within the country and to a foreign address. Money orders are redirected to the addressee’s new domestic address only – based on a separate contract.
  • For a domestic postal money order, redirecting is only available for money orders sent with next day or 2 day delivery together with the “delivery to the door” special service.
  • For pension orders, the permanent change of address must be reported by the pensioner to the institution administering the pension.
  • If the addressee and the sender give contradicting instructions about redirecting, the addressee’s instruction will be authoritative.
  • Easy to access – available at all post offices in Hungary.
  • Following a quick registration, the service can also be ordered on the MyPost interface.
  • Redirecting is undertaken from the second working day onwards after requesting the service.
  • Redirecting is available for an indefinite period of time or for a specified period of time until the end of the calendar quarter within Hungary and for a limited period of time, for a minimum of 1 month, abroad. The request for the service can be made in writing by the addressee or an authorised representative, showing proof of their identity, at any post office.
  • Advantageous as the fee for the service only has to be paid once if close relatives who live in the same household or at the same address move together to a new identical address.
  • Redirecting is performed for a fee, which must be paid simultaneously upon placing the order, in accordance with the provisions stated in the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services. For information on fees check the GTC page or enquire at any post office.

I have moved and I want my letters to be sent on to me. What do I have to do?

In both domestic and international mail, if the addressee moves or is temporarily away, we redirect mail items to the addressee’s new or temporary address for a fee based on a contract to this end. The redirecting service can be ordered at any post office by completing the form for ordering the service and will be performed at the latest from the 2nd working day onwards after it has been ordered until the date specified in the contract. The fees for the redirecting service are given in the Product Sheet.