Our appointment booking service is available at all post offices with a queue management system. Arrange your affairs at the post office quickly and efficiently!


Book an appointment in the Magyar Posta mobile application, or via the MyPost interface at www.posta.hu with a few clicks as early as a week in advance!
All you have to do is log on to the MyPost electronic interface and select the right post office and the required service.

If you are not yet registered on MyPost, you can easily do it here.
If you are booking via the Magyar Posta mobile application use the filter function in the search engine and select the appointment booking to find all the post offices that have the queue management system! The range of available services may vary.

After a successful booking, you will receive an electronic sequence number which will be displayed on the queue management interface of the selected post office. If you are late, the system will repeat the call 10 minutes later. If you are unable to attend at the chosen time, the booking can be easily cancelled.