Ajánlott fejléc


Send it registered!

  • The traditional, safe, tried and tested method of sending a letter: when it’s important that you can prove you’ve posted an item, send it registered!
  • Trackable and reliable – Magyar Posta acknowledges the dispatch of the mail item in writing on a form – a receipt –, and its individual identifier means it can be tracked and traced.
  • Greater convenience – the recipient can pick up the letter from his/her letterbox in the country
  • Flexible – The service is available for both domestic and international mail. Contracted partners can even produce the bar code identifier for the service themselves or have it produced based on the technical specifications made available.
  • For international mail the registered additional service is only available with priority letter mail.
  • For information about the price of the service, see our Tariffs page, the Registered product sheet or ask at a post office.

My friend sent a letter 4 days ago and his mother has still not received it. I know the tracking number. Where can the letter be?

For domestic mail, at least 97% of non-priority letters posted on a working day is delivered or attempted to be delivered by the end of the fifth working day after the date of posting.

We provide information about the whereabouts of an item to the sender or addressee of the mail item, or their authorised representative, upon request.

Our mail search service can only be requested for registered mail items upon showing the original receipt for posting or a copy of it, or a duplicate issued by Magyar Posta.

A request to search for a mail item (considering the undertaken or expected date of delivery of the item) may be started for up to six months after the date of dispatch.

What form of receipt will I get for sending a registered letter?

To send registered letters, the form called “ Könyvelt küldemény feladóvevénye” or "Feladójegyzék" (Receipt for registered mail item) needs to be completed, on which the sender must enter the name and address of the sender and addressee, while the postal clerk writes the date and time of acceptance, the fee for postage, the weight and the item identifier. This receipt can then be used as proof of posting.

How can a bar code mail identifier be produced by a customer?

Customers can produce bar code mail identifiers themselves in accordance with the technical specifications made available by Magyar Posta. To do so a contract has to be concluded with Magyar Posta and a valid inspection permit is required.