MPL Üzleti Csomag Fejléc

MPL business parcel

Extremely simple

  • Parcels can vary greatly in weight and size, and sometimes different services are needed to ship them. For this reason we extended the MPL Business parcel with simpler service to non-contractual entrepreneurs and private individuals.
  • You can ask for your parcels to be delivered within 1 working day.
  • We’ll take your parcels from door to door, and you can track their progress on our website as well as via our mobile application 24 hours a day.
  • You can decide on the delivery location, to either a specific address or any collection point. The advantage of delivery at a Postal Point or Parcel Terminal is that the addressee can fit picking up the parcel into their daily routine while taking petrol, shopping or paying bills.
  • If you request the collected amount of payment-for-goods parcels to be transferred to your bank account, this will be done daily in one sum, and you will incur no other cost apart from the bank transaction charge.
  • For delivery at a Postal Point the addressee is advised of the arrival of a parcel electronically (by either e-mail or SMS text message) if these contact details have been given. The parcel can then be picked up within 5 or 10 working days dependent on the sender’s instruction. Two days before the expiry of the time limit Magyar Posta sends the addressee an electronic reminder. You can collect parcels up to 20 kg at Postal Points.
  • Parcel Terminals are accessible 24 hours a day nationwide. Collection is simple and quick – you don’t have to queue and only need to press a few buttons. The terminal offers you a discreet solution – you don’t have to have parcels sent to your home address or workplace as parcels weighing up to 20 kg can be collected at a terminal.
  • Send your parcels to the post office. Parcel collection from the post office is a very cost-effective and convenient solution, catered for by the country’s most extensive network. The addressee saves time and you save costs. When addressed to a Postal Point at a post office, parcels can be sent up to a weight limit of 30 kg.


Maximum weight

  • Addressed to a postal address: 40 kg
  • Addressed to a post office: 30 kg
  • Addressed to a Postal Point: 20 kg


  • Smallest size: 120 x 175 mm
  • Maximum length: 2,400 mm
  • Maximum length + width + height together: 3,000 mm


  • If the parcel is more than 750 mm long or its three dimensions together exceed 2,000 mm, or its shape is other than cuboid or an envelope, or due to its nature it cannot be stacked together with other mail or it requires special handling.

Can a private individual send an MPL Business Parcel?

Yes, the MPL Business Parcel is available for both contractual customers and private individuals.

Can my neighbour receive my parcel for me if payment needs to be made for it?

Such an item can only be delivered to a neighbour if he or she is at the address given on the mail item and has authorisation.

With an authorisation the parcel can also be collected from the post office where it is held, which is specified in the notice of arrival.

To receive the mail item, an authorisation certified by a postal employee or notary public, or authorisation granted in a private document of full probative value will be accepted.

My parcel arrived damaged but I didn’t notice this upon receipt. How can I advise Magyar Posta? Will I receive compensation?

If damage to a parcel or missing contents are not noticed immediately upon delivery, this must be reported in writing or in person at any post office within 3 working days of delivery.

At the same time as making the report, the entire mail item including the contents and the outer and inner packaging must be made available to Magyar Posta.

Magyar Posta will make a subsequent record based on the presented mail item. The claim for damages will be assessed within 30 days of the report.