Receive your parcel where you want

  • Convenient and simple option to receive your parcel.
  • You can pay by bank card (bank card purchase transaction) or in cash.
  • You can ask for delivery to your home address or even your workplace.
  • National coverage.
  • Two delivery attempts for MPL Business Parcels, which are included in the basic fee.
  • After an unsuccessful first delivery attempt of MPL Business Parcels and MPL Net Parcels, the postman contacts you by phone to agree a time and place for the second delivery attempt or you may ask to receive your parcel at a postal service point.
  • Option for Saturday and afternoon delivery in designated towns.
  • Parcels for delivery to the door may not weigh more than 40 kg for MPL Business Parcels, and 10 kg for MPL Postal Parcels.

Advantages of paying by bank card

  • Convenient and safe payment method.
  • Magyar Posta does not charge a separate fee for bank card purchases. The card holder only has to pay any fees and costs that may be charged by their bank. You don’t need to have cash on you to pay a larger sum in payment for goods when they are delivered.

Who is entitled to receive a parcel?

The person marked as the addressee on the parcel who can prove his or her identity using an identity document with a photo. An authorised representative may also receive the parcel. For this an authorisation is necessary. Another option is the alternative recipient, who must be a relative of the addressee defined in the Civil Code over the age of 14. The last option is the addressee’s next-door neighbour provided the sender marked the possibility of an occasional recipient for delivery. The addressee may prohibit the possibility of using an alternative recipient in writing.

My parcel arrived damaged but I didn’t notice this upon receipt. How can I advise Magyar Posta? Will I receive compensation?

If damage to a parcel or missing contents are not noticed immediately upon delivery, this must be reported in writing or in person at any post office within 3 working days of delivery. At the same time as making the report, the entire mail item including the contents and the outer and inner packaging must be made available to Magyar Posta. Magyar Posta will make a subsequent record based on the presented mail item. The claim for damages will be assessed within 30 days of the report.

Where can I enquire about my parcel?

You can monitor your parcel’s progress using the Tracking service on our website or our mobile application. Alternatively, Customer Service will provide information if you tell them the parcel’s ID number.