repeated delivery

If need be, the postman will come again

  • If you’re not at home when an important letter or money order arrives and you have no time to get to the post office, ask for repeated delivery.
  • Easy to get – Repeated delivery can also be requested by phoning the delivery post office. Following a quick registration, the service can also be ordered on the MyPost interface.
  • Convenient – Provided it is not contrary to the service requested by the sender of the mail item, we will repeat the delivery to the door of your letter or parcel, or the amount of your money order.
  • Save time – Repeated delivery is possible on the day and at a time agreed with the addressee. For 2 day domestic postal money orders, delivery can also be requested to a new address in Hungary specified by the addressee.
  • The fee for the service must be paid in cash. The fee payable depends on whether you choose same day delivery or delivery at another agreed time.
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