international postal parcel

A reliable way to send your parcel abroad for a great price

  • If you don’t need to ship your parcels within a set time-limit, send them abroad at the lowest cost as international postal parcels.
  • This easily accessible, attractively priced service is available with or without a contract at all post offices that accept parcels.
  • Parcels to some countries are only shipped by Magyar Posta – the international postal parcel is recommended for these cases as well.
  • Insure your parcel or send it conveniently using various additional services for a separate fee.
  • The conditions for use for each country, the additional services and information about delivery are given on the customer service page.
  • Magyar Posta forwards international priority postal parcels to the destination country by the fastest transport route available.
  • The international postal parcel service is free of tax but, if the postal customs agent service is used, 27% VAT is included in every case.
  • You can check the fees of the international postal parcel and the zone classifications in the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services.
  • Please pack your parcel in a way that its contents are suitably protected (especially for fragile goods). For this purpose we recommend the use of postal packing boxes, which offer increased protection.
  • Please place the accompanying document in the self-adhesive plastic pouch for this purpose on the top horizontal surface (front) of the parcel.

I have sent a parcel from Hungary to a foreign address and the addressee has not received it yet. I know the tracking number of the item. What can I do?

For international postal parcels and international priority parcels, please contact Customer Service (phone: +36-1-333-7777; e-mail: and our colleagues will provide information about the whereabouts of the parcel based on the item identifier (tracking number).

The parcel I sent abroad got lost. Will I receive compensation? If yes, how much?

Compensation is established based on international agreements and on individual agreements concluded with each foreign postal operator. The extent and amount of the compensation depends in every case on the weight of the particular parcel and, if it was insured, the amount of insurance. Our liability does not extend to indirect damages or lost profit.