The fastest way to send a letter

If you want your letter to reach the addressee as fast as possible or by a certain date, or you wish to express the special attention you pay to your addressee, choose the priority letter.

  • Priority ensures that invitations, company bills, reminders, important tenders and court appeals get to their destination on time.
  • The advantage of priority mail is that it is fast, and letters with the distinctive blue "PRIORITY" mark are given priority at every stage of postal handling, from the moment they are picked up until the first delivery attempt.
  • Useful information: For information about weight and size limits, see the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services.

What does Priority mean for a letter?

Priority letters are mail items marked with a special label that receive guaranteed priority handling from dispatch to delivery in both domestic and international mail. (For mail to foreign countries, you can send an international priority letter.)

Statistical guarantees ensure that we organise and operate our system so that in domestic mail and in the domestic section of trans-border traffic 85% of Priority Mail items by the end of the second business day after mailing and at least 97% by the end of the third business day after mailing.