po box rental

Open a PO Box straight away!

  • Fast – If you need your daily post early in the morning or simply want to pick up your mail or a large quantity of letters in the same place at the same time.
  • Practical – You can save even more time with related services:

1. E-arrival at post office box – We will watch your PO box and let you know by SMS or e-mail when new mail items have come in.

2. E-delivery list – Get fast, clear and structured information in electronic form about the mail in your box.

3. Pick-up and/or delivery – If you have regular needs, we will pick up and deliver your mail at the same time. If you order the delivery service, the PO Box rental is free.

  • Discreet – You or your company can remain anonymous as you don’t have to make your address public. During a promotional campaign you can ask for your mail to be sent to a slogan or fancy name instead of your company’s address.
  • Using a special postcode, even for a month or two, makes the postal address simple and easy to remember, which can be vitally important during a campaign.
  • Advantageous – The fee for the service does not depend on the number of people using it if they are close relatives living in the same household or at the same address. Check the Post Office Box Rental product sheet for fees.
  • Check the PO Box finder to see which the most convenient post office for you to use this service is.

I want to rent a PO Box. What do I need for that?

This service is available at post offices with a written contract. Under the service we undertake, for a fee, to provide a post office box at a post office in order to deliver mail items arriving for the addressee. When signing a contract, you have to show proof of your identity and address.

How will I know where a vacant PO Box nearest my home address is?

Use the PO Box finder.

Can I ask for my mail addressed to my company’s registered office to be delivered to the PO Box?

Yes, at your request we will deliver your mail addressed to your company’s address (registered office or premises) to your post office box as well.