MPL Postacsomag

MPL Postal parcel

Send your parcel the traditional way for a great price

  • If you have no special needs about sending your parcel, we recommend our attractively priced universal MPL Postal Parcel service.
  • The traditional parcel is an excellent solution also for those who wish to get a VAT-free, cheap but nevertheless reliable service.
  • In line with legal regulations, 85% of MPL Postal Parcels, which may not weigh more than 20 kg, sent within the country reach their addressee on the second working day after posting and 95% are delivered on the third working day.
  • When posting the MPL Postal Parcel, optional services for a separate fee include returning to the sender a form signed by the addressee in proof of delivery (advice of delivery) or insuring the contents of the parcel for damages up to an amount specified when sending the parcel (insurance).
  • The fees for the service are given in the General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services, which are payable in cash or with a contract by bank transfer.
  • For information about weight and size limits of parcels that can be delivered, see the page General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services.
  • Parcels must be packed so as to ensure that the packaging protects their contents during transport.
  • The appropriately completed accompanying form available at post offices must be placed on the front (flat surface) of the MPL Postal Parcel.

How many times is the delivery of a parcel attempted?

Magyar Posta will attempt to deliver the parcel once at the address. If delivery is unsuccessful, the parcel can be collected at the post office given in the notice within 10 working days.

What other services are available with this service?

The following services are available for a separate charge: fragile, cumbersome, advice of delivery, insurance up to HUF 2,000,000.