Despite the difficult economic situation due to the war and sanctions, the Association for the Protection of Hungarian Postal Workers’ Interests, the Postal Workers’ Union and the management of Magyar Posta have agreed on an average increase in earnings of about 10%, effective retroactively from 1 January 2023.

4 Aprilis 2023

In the course of the negotiations on the wage agreement, both the Company’s management and the employees’ representatives agreed that Magyar Posta, as the country’s largest postal and financial service provider and parcel logistics undertaking, needs postal workers who are decently paid and respected even in an economic situation affected by war and sanctions, and that a wage increase was essential to ensure this.

The pay rise now being put into effect is in line with the Company’s current ability to pay and takes account of the years of service the employees spent at the Company. An agreement on the level of the pay increase and its detailed conditions was signed today with the employees’ representatives. Under this agreement, an average wage increase of 10% will be implemented retroactively from 1 January 2023, instead of the 2% featuring in the three-year wage agreement. The increased wages will be paid to workers for the first time in their April monthly salary.

At the beginning of February, a partial settlement was entered into with the representative organisations which had signed the three-year wage agreement. Thanks to this agreement, the employer will pay the fringe benefits in recognition of this year’s loyalty in two equal instalments. Employees have already received the first instalment of HUF 50 000 gross, which was paid to them in March. The second instalment of HUF 50 000 gross will be paid in December, but the Company undertakes to examine the possibility of increasing this amount in the light of financial conditions. Additionally, travel allowances to support employees’ daily commuting to work have been doubled.

Magyar Posta Zrt.