The new partnership model creates the opportunity for the residents of small villages to continue to use postal services locally, in some cases during longer opening hours than before, and simultaneously with other services. Some two months after the announcement of the programme, the management of Magyar Posta signed the first partnership agreement with the mayor of Füzér on 10 May 2023.

10 May 2023


The scheme of the new partnership programme was announced by Magyar Posta in February 2023. The Company approached the local authorities of small villages with less than 1,500 inhabitants with the partnership opportunity, and is planning to conclude one postal partnership in each municipality. Magyar Posta will provide the partners with the main equipment and training necessary for their postal work and will remunerate them depending on the activity undertaken. Large numbers of the local authorities concerned, the national commercial networks operating in the locality and local businesses have shown great interest in the partnership.

“Magyar Posta is a value, so it is essential to get the most out of it and to make it even more competitive. The aim is to create economic and sustainable operation and, against this background, Magyar Posta, as the largest postal services and parcel logistics company in Hungary, must meet the expectations of the 21st century. It must be ensured that Magyar Posta operates with a customer-centric, digitised service mentality, providing high standard services to the public and businesses throughout the country,” said János Fónagy, State Secretary.

“Our aim is to provide high quality services throughout the country. In the two months since the launch of the programme, 48 local authorities and 65 businesses in 113 settlements have started the process of concluding contracts, and consultations are in progress in a further 430 municipalities. Under the new partnership model, postal services can be provided alongside existing business or service activities, thereby increasing the customer base and revenue,” emphasised Dr Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta.

The Company has already conducted trial partner operations with the involvement of 19 branches of the savings bank Takarékbank and 2 village grocer’s shops. This will be extended to a total of 220 municipalities under the Hungarian Village Programme by 30 June 2023. The experience of the partnership programme, which is at present operating in 166 out of the 220 villages, shows that this form of operation is an efficient and effective solution for both customers and the partner businesses.

At the signing ceremony, Jenő Horváth, Mayor of Füzér, pointed out: “Retaining postal services in the village is vitally important in ensuring that Füzér, our home, remains a liveable community with prospects for young people. We are confident that the postal services offered under the new partnership model will enhance the retentive power of our village.”

Today, the Company’s management also signed two other agreements, one with the municipality of Bodrogkeresztúr and the other with a business in Felsődobsza.


Bodrogkeresztúr: Dr Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta Zrt., and István Rozgonyi, Mayor of Bodrogkeresztúr

Felsődobsza _0510_14-700px

Felsődobsza: Dr Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta Zrt., and András Luterán, Managing Director, post partner in Felsődobsza

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