Magyar Posta is a value, so it is essential to get the most out of it and to make it even more competitive. The conditions for economic and sustainable operation need to be created and Magyar Posta, as the largest postal services and parcel logistics company in Hungary, must meet the expectations of the 21st century. It must be ensured that Magyar Posta provides a high quality and customer-centric service to its private and business customers throughout the country. Magyar Posta Zrt.’s new partnership programme creates the opportunity for the residents of small villages to continue to use postal services locally, in some cases during longer opening hours than before and simultaneously with other services. To support this, a cooperation agreement was signed between Dr Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta, and Jenő Schmidt, President of the National Association of Local Authorities.

31 May 2023

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The Universal Postal Public Service Contract concluded between the Hungarian State and Magyar Posta Zrt. sets providing postal services at affordable prices and of the same quality for everyone as a priority task for the Company. To achieve these goals, the Company has launched a new post partner programme. The popularity of the programme is clearly demonstrated by the fact that, in the two months since it was launched, 48 local authorities and 65 businesses in 113 settlements have started the process of concluding contracts, and consultations are in progress in a further 741 municipalities. Under the new partnership model, postal services can be provided alongside existing business or service activities, enabling the partners concerned to increase their customer base and turnover at the same time. This will also benefit residents, who will be able to access more services in one place in a simple way.

“The National Association of Local Authorities is in personal contact with the mayors of around 1,700 municipalities, maintaining a mutual and continuous flow of information. This presents a great opportunity for Magyar Posta to communicate the benefits and business returns of the new Post Partner Programme to the local authorities of the small communities concerned, and through them to local entrepreneurs. Thus we have a vested interest in working together with the Association, which is why we approached them with the intention of presenting the programme. We trust that, with their communication and intervention, more and more small communities and local entrepreneurs will see the business potential in the new partnership programme and enter into cooperation with Magyar Posta over the coming six months,” said Dr Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta.

“As a practising mayor, I have experienced myself how important having a community space where people can use the modern means of the 21st century to manage their affairs is in the life of a municipality. The post office should be an integral part of this space, as keeping postal services local improves the quality of life for residents and helps to connect the whole municipality to the economic mainstream. As the largest Hungarian organisation representing the interests of local authorities in terms of membership, we know small municipalities inside out, so we can undertake to communicate the benefits and business advantages of this partnership to our member authorities and, through them, to local enterprises, and we will use all communication channels to support the flow of information”, added Jenő Schmidt, President of the National Association of Local Authorities.

Under the newly signed agreement, Magyar Posta undertakes to treat the Association as a privileged partner, to respond to their enquiries regarding the postal network and postal services swiftly, and to provide opportunities for consultation. Both parties will set up a working group for the cooperation, which will be tasked with consulting, clarifying issues raised by interested local entrepreneurs and local authorities, and supporting the development of the new partnerships.

Information on the details of the Post Partner Programme is given on the following website:

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