In addition to volunteers from Hungarian Interchurch Aid, stars and champion sportspersons have joined forces in putting together school packs.


24 August 2023

With a week to go before the start of the school year, Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s “Back to School Together!” aid campaign is in full swing: packs of new, good quality school supplies are being compiled and delivered. Staff and volunteers are working to ensure that the aid reaches every child again this year before the bell for the first lesson rings thanks to the charity’s national network and the logistical partnership provided by Magyar Posta. Although around half of the money needed to support 2,000 children has already been raised, more calls to 1353 charging HUF 500 each are still needed in a final push to reach the target set by the charity in mid-August.

Besides volunteers, stars and champion sportspersons – such as Kati Wolf, singer, Attila Katus, sport aerobics world champion, Eszter Iszak and Ágnes Szabados, television presenters, and Léda Mezei, actress – have also helped to put together the school packs today.

As part of the campaign, the numbers of the 1353 donation line were formed out of school supplies to draw attention to the aid effort of Hungarian Interchurch Aid to support the schooling of children in need. Then a postal vehicle loaded with school packs set off to deliver the donations to families living in difficult circumstances.

Kristóf Gáncs, Director of Communications of Hungarian Interchurch Aid, said, “It is a great pleasure that so many people have already supported the campaign this year, but more phone calls are needed in a final push to ensure that all 2,000 children can go to school fully equipped.” In addition to those who dialled the 1353 donation line and who gave money through the charity’s website, Kristóf Gáncs thanked Magyar Posta Zrt. for their help in the fundraising campaign and providing the logistics for the “Back to School Together!” campaign. He added, “The aid campaign is progressing at a good pace, so there is a very good chance that all the packs will reach the children in Hungary by the start of the school year.” He pointed out that, as in previous years, donations received in excess of the funds needed for the school packs will be channelled into another of the charity’s programmes which supports children in need throughout the year.

Magyar Posta helped by sending volunteers to assemble the packs and by delivering the donations as a logistical partner. Márta Molnár, head of Magyar Posta Zrt.’s Corporate Communications Department, commented on behalf of the company, “Magyar Posta, as one of the largest employers in Hungary, is present in the lives of thousands of families. What is more, our colleagues are in daily contact with the broadest sections of society, so we feel obliged to help wherever we can. We are joining Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s initiative for the 12th time by delivering brand new, quality school supplies meeting individual requirements to 2,000 pupils in need.

This year again, the charity aims to help schoolchildren in need with individual packs of quality school supplies worth HUF 10,000 per child. You can join the fundraising campaign to help equip a total of 2,000 children for the start of this school year in the current difficult economic climate by visiting or by calling the donation line 1353 (HUF 500 per call).
Magyar Posta Zrt.

Magyar Posta Zrt.