Over seventy new jobs have been created by Magyar Posta at its parcel logistics plant in Zalaegerszeg. One of Magyar Posta’s primary objectives, as the country’s largest postal service and parcel logistics undertaking, is to ensure that the standard of the services it provides meets the quality expectations of its customers. As a result of the investment, a competitive, digitalised, 21st-century logistics hall has been built that takes account of the requirements of the modern economy. The new hall includes a modern, automated parcel sorting machine, which significantly accelerates the processing of parcels.

18 April 2023

“In 2023, automated parcel sorting systems will be installed in 8 provincial cities, including Zalaegerszeg. Here, on an area of more than 2,700 square metres, the digitalised conveyor line that has just come into service helps make handling parcels faster, resulting in more efficient service for customers. The 78 employees working here can carry out their daily tasks in modern, safe surroundings,” emphasised Dr Tamás Horváth, Deputy CEO for Organisation Management.

The conveyor line with a herring-bone layout installed in the depot is S sized and is able to process up to 2,000 parcels an hour, which involves performing authenticated weight and volume measurements of the parcels as well as their identification and routing.

The telescopic conveyor belt extending to a length of 14 metres makes bulk transport possible with direct loading and unloading to and from the truck and aids the continuous processing of parcels. The new logistics hall serves about 60 post offices in its catchment area, providing parcel delivery to more than 260 municipalities.

A 19 kw solar panel system has also been installed on the logistics hall, which can be expanded if the need arises.

“The Hungarian State, as the owner, expects Magyar Posta to become the number one provider in the domestic small parcel market in the long term through its parcel logistics service. Achieving this goal requires the renewal of the postal logistics infrastructure and the introduction of the most efficient parcel sorting and delivery processes possible. One of the new milestones in this is the logistics hall in Zalaegerszeg with the conveyor line installed in it,” added Dr Géza Láng, Deputy State Secretary for National Wealth and Postal Affairs.

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