Magyar Posta Zrt. has successfully completed the expansion of its parcel terminal network by 400 machines, bringing the total number of MPL parcel terminals available to customers to 450. This means that the parcel terminal network has grown ninefold. On 27 March the Company installed the last of its planned parcel terminals at the Hűvösvölgy Service House.

27 March 2023

The dynamic development of e-commerce in Hungary has led to an average annual growth in turnover of more than 18% over the last four years, with non-home delivery services becoming ever more prominent. In response, Magyar Posta Zrt. has started to install additional parcel terminals from the summer of 2022 as part of the innovative development of its logistics infrastructure.

Besides the 50 existing terminals that were already operating, the Company has installed a further 400 nationwide. Parcel terminals were installed in Budapest and the municipalities in its conglomeration as well as in provincial cities, typically in highly frequented places, such as shopping centres, public transport hubs, petrol stations and near banks. The terminals are usually located outdoors as this makes them easier for customers to use and ensures that parcels can be collected and dispatched 24 hours a day.

Barnabás Balczó, Chairman and CEO of Magyar Posta Zrt., remarked in connection with the development:

“The efficient delivery of goods purchased in e-commerce plays a key role in the parcel logistics activities of Magyar Posta Zrt., but we also provide a solution for customers who would like to post their own parcels simply themselves. As well as ensuring fast and accurate delivery, our most important task is to provide our customers with the flexibility of being able to pick up parcels round the clock throughout the country. Magyar Posta’s 450 parcel terminals meet this expectation.”

In addition to providing a high-quality universal service, Magyar Posta Zrt. continuously strives to provide competitive, modern, high-standard services in the small parcel logistics market while also paying attention to maintaining convenience in conjunction with the digital customer experience.

Magyar Posta Zrt.