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General Introduction to Magyar Posta

Magyar Posta is one of the country’s largest company groups and employers. Magyar Posta Zrt. has approximately 30,000 employees, 2,700 service points, 350 mobile post routes, a fleet of about 3,000 vehicles and an extensive logistics network. Together with its subsidiaries in the Posta Group, Magyar Posta offers its customers a unique service portfolio.


Magyar Posta’s National Logistics Centre, covering 19,000 m2, processes 2.5 to 3 million letters and 45,000 to 50,000 parcels 24 hours a day on a daily basis. In 2014 a new, state-of-the-art, world-leading letter sorting machine line came into service. As a result, in the years that followed, Magyar Posta was able to add numerous new services which combined traditional postal services and opportunities offered by the digital world to its portfolio.

Magyar Posta is the market leader in the courier, express and parcel (CEP) market. Today parcels can be collected in many places 24 hours a day at petrol stations and retail outlets as well as through the postal network. Magyar Posta was the first of the courier companies in Hungary to set up a parcel terminal network.

Magyar Posta is the number one player in the newspaper delivery and distribution segment, and has a dominant role in the unaddressed advertising mail market.


Magyar Posta’s strategic objective is to modernise its traditional postal financial services and to offer an ever broader financial product range to its customers. In order to enable faster and more flexible service, bill payment terminals were put into operation at well-frequented post offices and shopping centres. As marking a QR code on bill payment forms was made obligatory, the iCsekk mobile payment application can now be used to pay bills.

Magyar Posta’s subsidiaries include cash/valuables-in-transit, banking, investment and insurance service providers, thereby covering the full spectrum of financial services for customers. With its 2,700 post offices, Magyar Posta has one of the largest single networks in the country, thus providing access to modern financial services to every citizen.


Magyar Posta is the most significant operator in the payment collection market. It has the region’s most modern printworks and holds a stake in the country’s market-leading electronic bill payment system company. It also carries out meter reading and customer service activities for an increasing number of utility providers.


On 1 January 2013 Magyar Posta joined the liberalised postal market of the European Union. Under the designating provision of the Postal Services Act, Magyar Posta will perform the duties of the universal service provider until the end of 2020 and ensure that every citizen can access postal services meeting basic user requirements without discrimination in accordance with the expectations of the state.

Hungarian postage stamps, characterised by creativity, innovation and high standard execution, have carried the good repute of the country to the world at large for many decades. Year after year the works of Hungarian designers have been honoured with prestigious international prizes.