Item Tracking

v. 1.3.14

Item identifiers

How does tracking work?

Our tracking service has been renewed!
Through’s free tracking function, you can find out about the current status and history of your parcel or letter-mail item.Tracking is available for the following mail types:
• MPL Business Parcel (e.g. PB00010122727)
• Europe+ parcel (e.g. CP123456785HU)
• MPL Europe Standard (e.g. JJH30AAAAAPL00000001)
• International EMS express mail (e.g. EA004037757HU)
Domestic Letter (RL and a line of numbers):
• Official document
• Registered letter, registered reply mail item
• Advice of delivery registered letter
• Advice of delivery registered reply mail item

If you have a domestic parcel, by giving the first 13 characters of the parcel identifier, you can also get information about transport events as well as the mail item’s basic or supplementary services. If you have a domestic letter-mail item, 16 characters need to be given to request information about the mail item’s history. In the field for mail identifiers, the identifiers of the mail items you wish to search for (at most 10) can be listed. The identifiers need to be separated from each other using a space, comma or semi colon or given in new lines. The identifier may only contain numbers and characters without accents, and no special characters. Once the identifier has been given, the current status of the sought mail items will appear first. The detail button provides a list of all available information related to the mail item: processing and transport events, home delivery, MOL and Coop and post office Postal Points, parcel terminal information, and for letter-mail items assigning a post office box.

For our registered customers more detailed information is provided on our personalised surface. You can access the registration page of our "MyPost" service - which can be used quickly and free of charge - by clicking here. Following registration you will also have access to other additional services offered on

The web tracking surface is available in three languages: English, German and - obviously - Hungarian. You can select the required language by clicking on one of the flags in the top right corner..

For international mail items, the times of transactions and events may differ from the Hungarian time zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Invalid item identifer" error message is displayed. What could be the reason?
It is possible that the item has not been dispatched yet, or that the item identifying number stated is not correct.

Why can't I see my international item?
International items can be tracked after they have arrived in the country. If you cannot see your international item in the system, probably it has not arrived in the country yet.
The assigned product identification associated with the foreign site orders, in most cases non-standard postal identifier and therefore does not appear in the tracking. The items bearing such identifier are not registered mail; the IDs are typically derived from the sender’s own system.
My item is not heading to the town where I sent it to based on the tracking information.

In general it can be stated that on the surface you can see the transportation/reloading points that the item passes while it is being processed. If this is not the case, it may be due to a postal administration error, and in this case please contact the customer service.

How can I enquire about my item apart from using the tracking service?
If you know the item identifier, on the basis of our electronic records our colleagues at the central customer service will give you information about whether your item has arrived at Magyar Posta. You can contact the customer service by calling 06-1-767-8282 or 06-30-770-8282, or by writing an e-mail to

What happens if I provide more than one identifier at the same time?
The information obtained on the basis of the item identifiers entered in the search will be displayed on the results data sheet - depending on the type of the items - on data tabs. The data content of the data tabs will depend on the type of the items, and in each case they will contain the item type and the number of items concerned. Only the data tabs in connection with which the system can provide real results will be displayed on the surface. If the search results do not entirely cover all of the item identifiers entered in the search, you will receive information about the number of items with no hits on the surface. The detailed data sheets of several items can be displayed on the surface at the same time.

I want to track several items. In what format should I provide their identifiers?
Maximum 10 identifiers can be provided in the system at the same time. In the data field you can list the identifiers of the items you intend to search for, separating the individual identifiers from each other with a space, comma, semicolon or line break. The individual item identifiers may contain exclusively numbers and alphabetical characters. No special characters are allowed in the identifiers.

In what format can the search results be exported?
The exported results will be sent in XML format and the table can be opened for example in MS Excel.

Our tracking service is available in Hungarian and in English, even from your mobile phone using Magyar Posta's mobile application. You can find more information about it here. By downloading this application you will also have access to numerous other functions and services, such as the iCheque service or the postal fee calculator function.